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A Really Cool Steampunk Fantasy

This is an idea a friend of mine originally came up with, but she decided not to use it, and since I helped her a fair bit with the development of it, she said I could use it.  So I am.  Here’s the bones of it.


Firstly, this is a steampunk novel.  Now, the characters.

There’s a girl.  She’s one of a small but not rare percentage of people in her world born with power over an element.  Her element is fire.  The fire only comes out when her emotions are running high; for her, this usually means when she’s upset.  She weeps tears of fire, and an aura of intense heat surrounds her.  Obviously, no one can approach her because of this, so she’s become withdrawn into herself.  The people call her the ‘Cold-hearted maiden of fire’.

Her twin brother, conversely, has power over ice.  Unlike his sister, he can use his powers at almost any time, though that may be just because he’s usually got some emotion or another running high enough to trigger them.  His constant passions earned him a nickname, as well: The hot-headed ice warrior.

His power of ice enables him to do something no one else can: comfort his sister.  When she weeps fire, he can hold her and let her fire wash over his ice and be cooled.  Now, this isn’t easy for him to do.  In point of fact, it’s very painful.  But he does it anyway, out of love for his sister.

Their father was an inventor, with power over electricity.  He was a very good man, and everyone in the town loved him.  He improved life for them all, and helped anyone and everyone he could.  One day, when the twins were about 15 or so, he took on an apprentice.  A young man with power over water.  Not ice, mind you.  There was no conflict with the brother.  When water became solid, he lost all control of it.  He could, however, control steam, which made him invaluable to the twins’ father.

Now, just as the father and the apprentice were working on a huge project that would revolutionize industry, the apprentice started to fall in love with the daughter.  His power of water let him counter her power of fire, but where the brother’s power let the fire cool on the ice, the apprentice’s power forcibly put it out.  The brother takes pain on himself to be near and comfort his sister.  The apprentice inflicts it.

Now, the father finds out about this and is angry, since the apprentice his hurting his daughter.  He expels the apprentice from his shop and, a few weeks later, takes full credit for the invention, when he finishes it.

The apprentice is angry.  He uses his power over water and some inventions he stole to create a massive tidal wave that would wipe out the small town.  The father stops it with his lightning, using so much power that he burns himself out, dying to save the town.

Now, the apprentice is back, and with a much more sinister plan.  This time his revenge is specific.  Seduce or coerce the girl into being his.  Kill the brother, slowly.  Take control of the city and rule it, with the sister as his queen.

How far will he go?  And how far will the brother have to go to stop him?



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These are a few trial excerpts of a novel I’m helping the Dreamer with.  It’s mostly hers, but some of my characters are in it, so I help her. And I like writing some of the nightmare scenes.  These are told from the point of view of her main character, Shaden. They are in chronological order, but not consecutive.


I stood before the portal, shaking as I tried to will myself to step through.  The frame looked as though it were made of bones.  I didn’t want to know whether or not that were true.  I closed my eyes and stepped through, feeling the barrier between the Dreamscape and the Nightmare slide around me like slime.  Choking, gasping, I staggered away from the portal.

Into the Nightmare.

Even before I opened my eyes, I started to believe all the terrible tales about this realm.  All around me I could hear screams, but distant ones, too far off for me to help, but close enough to chill me to the bone.  By turning my head, I could hear different things.

Screams.  Laughter, of all kinds.  Happy.  Sadistic.  Maniacal.  Sinister.  Moans, of excruciating pain and of unspeakable pleasure.  The sounds of claws, on wood, and on metal… and on skin and bone.

I opened my eyes, looking around at… nothing.  Or almost nothing.  A formless cloud surrounded me, yet its formlessness seemed to almost give it form.  Vague shapes, disembodied eyes, monstrous creatures… were they actually there, or were they just the products of my racing imagination?

A noise behind me made me whirl, and there stood a werepanther.  The first thing that struck me was the sheer oddness of it.  Werewolves were heard of.  Werebears, even.  But a werepanther?

Secondly I noticed the perfection of its frame.  Even motionless, it seemed graceful.  All muscle, all power, all control.  I could tell than when it did move, it would not waste an ounce of power.

As though my thought had bee spoken aloud, the werepanther moved towards me, its talons extending and retracting slowly.  I backed away, my breath catching in my throat as it approached.

I backed into a wall that I knew had not been there a moment ago, and the werepanther came right up to me, running one talon down my cheek.

“Hello, Shaden,” he said, his voice at once terrifying and attractive.  “Welcome to your worst nightmare.”


Time had no meaning in the Nightmare World, but that didn’t stop me from thinking I had been in this maze for hours.  After the endless terror of the past few days, the quiet of the maze was almost more than I could bear.  I stayed tense along every corridor, around every bend, expecting this turn to be the one to lead to something terrible, yet it never was.

I found myself growing tired for the first time since I’d entered the Nightmare.  Could you sleep in a nightmare?  The drowsiness overtook me, and I collapsed on the hard ground, the world fading to black.

A small man in a lab coat stood over the table I was strapped to.  “Ah, you’re awake.  We can begin.”  He held up a scalpel, and I realized my clothes were gone.  Lines were drawn on my bare skin, marking organs and veins.

“No, no, please no!”

He cut into my stomach, ignoring my cries of pain, chattering quite pleasantly, as though I were an interested student, and not an agonized victim.  Reaching into the slit he had carved, he pulled out my stomach and showed it to me.  “Curious, isn’t it?”

The stomach grew a mouth and blood-red eyes, and growled fiercely at me.  I screamed and-

-woke with a start, back on the hard ground of the maze.  A thin line of burning pain was etched across my stomach, but when I lifted my shirt, there was no mark.  The ground around me, however, was drenched in blood.  My blood.  And it seemed that my blood had opened a trapdoor downwards, further into this mad place.

A tear formed in my eye, and I brushed it away angrily as I moved towards the door.  My thoughts, however, were harder to brush away.

Will this Nightmare never end…?


I stayed close to Vera as we pressed through the dark forest.  I had only just met her a few hours ago, but she was a sane, kind person in the mad, evil world, so I clung to her like a lifeline.

After a while, I noticed the whispers again.  They had been haunting me for a long time, and then had stopped.  Now they began again.

Dream Child…  Take her…  Use her…  Never get out…  Never get out…  Dream Child…  Dream Child…

The ground shook, and I fell hard, knocking my head against a tree.  Though dazed, I heard Vera scream.

“Vera!”  I staggered to my feet and looked around.  She was gone.  No traces.

Not the Dream Child…!

The voices sounded angry, and Vera’s scream tore through the forest.

“Vera, no!”  I fell to my knees, sobbing.

A wet thud sounded behind me.  I turned slowly.  Vera’s mutilated corpse lay there.  Her eyes, the only part of her body not torn apart, stared accusingly at me.  I whirled away and retched, shaking hard, a cold sweat covering my skin.

Next time, Dream Child…  We have time…  She can never leave…  Never leave…



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Genetopia, AKA Rise of the Teakettle

A few things I need to say here. One, Genetopia is definitely steampunk. Two, its new working title is ‘Rise of the Teakettle’. I’ll explain later.

Three, Rise of the Teakettle is definitely what I’ll be working on. Four, I’ve already started writing a few scenes.

Five, the Love and the Ally need names. The Ally is an anthro rhino. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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So I don’t yet know if this is what I’ll end up writing, but I had more ideas for it. In the PowerPoint, I showed the generations of enhanced humans, D1, D2, and D3. I’ve now decided there is also a D4 classification.

D4 is not a generational thing. A D3 can choose to receive non-human DNA to further enhance his or her self. You could have the eyes of a hawk, for example, or the ears of a fox. Or wings. Any non-human DNA classifies you as a D4, and this DNA does not pass to your children.

I also have a good story idea worked out, though I think I’ll keep it under wraps since it’s something of a thriller. If you haven’t already, go back to the last post and vote in the poll.


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… It’s Done

Uprising has been submitted to the contest. Final word count: 19.7k

Now I just have to wait several months for the results. Everyone who reads this needs to go back a few posts and find my poll, ‘What’s Next’ and vote on it. Go. Shoo.


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Poll: What Should I Do Next?

The contest is rapidly approaching, and once it’s over, I’ll have to decide what to do next. You can help! Tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll take it under advisement.

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Uprising Progress Log

I’m going to post how far along I am in Uprising every day when I get home from school, so you can see how close I am.  Let me know if you want to read it when it is finished.

Words: 12.7k

Pages: 64

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