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Book Review: No He Can’t

No He Can’t is a clear, undistorted look at the Obama administration by Kevin McCullough, a renowned blogger and author who was also one of the first pundits to predict Obama’s ascension to the presidency.

Kevin McCullough discusses how Obama lied his way from the Chicago Senate all the way to the White House. It wasn’t unintentional or accidental, either.  Obama knew full well that what he was saying was false, even as he said it.

The book isn’t just a right-wing bash on Obama, either. He uses clear facts and evidence to make his points. Everything he says is logical, making solid points about Obama’s lies and deceptions.

Everyone needs to read this book.  His writing style is intelligent and easy to read, and the information he gives is critical.  Five out of five stars for content, and five out of five stars for style.


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Non-Writing Related Post: Truth

“The truth will come out.”

Yes it will.  And when it does, the little fortress of deception that one has built up comes crashing down painfully on one’s head, and all the people that one was trying to help now despise that one. Even the people that one actually did help.

Lesson learned. Finally. Only took me seventeen years, one month, and three weeks. Don’t lie. One, it’s a sin. Two, it only makes things worse. Deception is always wrong, because you will always be found out.

I’m sorry.

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