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Fiverr Advertising

Recently I joined Fiverr, a site which lets you tell everyone what you’ll do for $5.  It’s a nifty site, and now I’m advertising my wares.

I will proofread a document for you, or write a unique short story.

Please go buy stuff. ^_^


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God: The Original Author; Editing

More thoughts.

To all writers out there: What’s the absolute worst part of writing? I’d bet money most, if not all, of you said ‘editing’.  Editing sucks.  It’s slow and painful and tedious and time consuming.  When a story goes truly bad, you don’t bother trying to fix it sometimes.  You just scrap the page or scene or chapter or draft and start again.

Our story went very bad.  Horribly bad.  Not only did it not go the way God wanted it to go, it went in the exact opposite direction.

Imagine this happening to your story.  Your perfect main characters decide that they’re going to break the one rule you’ve given them, and the proceed to rewrite your story, corrupting the plotline beyond recognition and adding terrible elements that weren’t supposed to be there.

I know what I would do.  File > New Document.  Start over.  Blank slate, maybe this time I can write Eve to be smarter so she doesn’t believe the snake, or maybe I’ll just write the snake out altogether.  Maybe I’ll just not give my characters free will, so they have to be little boring robots that only do what I say.

That’s not what God did.  He looked down on us, sighed, and got out His cosmic red pen and highlighter.  Then He painstakingly went through, trying to guide our story back on course.  He went through the painstaking work of undoing all the damage that hand been done to His world.

As newspaper columnist Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith said, “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.”  And that’s exactly what God did.  He opened His veins, literally, dying on Calvary to fix the errors in the story.

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Poll: What Should I Do Next?

The contest is rapidly approaching, and once it’s over, I’ll have to decide what to do next. You can help! Tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll take it under advisement.

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