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A (Very) Brief Thought on Genetopia, and its Story’s Name

I think this story wants to be made steampunk.  I’m having visions of all this super-advanced technology being made even more awesome by the effect of steam. Opinions?

I also need a new name for it, since Genetopia is taken. Suggestions?


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Poll: Moving Forward

Now that the contest is over, I can write other things.  I’m going to do a book review before I do anything else, but after that I can do whatever I want.

The majority vote on my poll was for me to keep editing Uprising in an attempt to get it published, but I think I’m going to leave Uprising alone until the results of the contest are announced, which should be in November.

Now, the votes were tied between a medieval/steampunk mixture story and Lezvie/Angela stories, and I’ve also become re-interested in this idea I had a long time ago but never did anything with.

Genetopian Presentation This is the reason I’m re-interested in it. I started working on the story world for a ‘make your own country’ project for US Govt. It’s a PowerPoint, so download and look at it.

Watched it yet? No? Go. Shoo.

You’re back? Okay, now vote in this poll:

Waiting on your opinons, wyrms!


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Poll: What Should I Do Next?

The contest is rapidly approaching, and once it’s over, I’ll have to decide what to do next. You can help! Tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll take it under advisement.

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