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Non-Writing Related: The Effect of Society on a Christian

This is just a theory in progress that I came up with, so it may or may not be solid. In short: the worse society is, the better Christians have to be. In the Victorian Era, most of the people were pretty decent people, with their awesome clothes and carriages and gloves and dueling. Being a Christian in that time only meant that you went to church and showed love and kindness to everyone.

Today, it’s much harder. When every third word out of the average person’s mouth is a cuss word, when ‘teasing’ and ‘playing around’ is common, Christians have to be paragons of virtue in order to make an impression. One slip and you lose a lot of credibility.

Yeah. Just a thought I had. Society is in a sad, sad place right now…



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Non-Writing Related Post: Thankfulness

One of my friends suggested I do this.  A list of thirty things I’m thankful for.

1. God

2. His mercy, grace, love, kindness, forgiveness, and all His other attributes.

3. My family.

4. One Year Adventure Novel

5. The people I met through OYAN. My non-blood-related family.

6. My intelligence.

7. My imagination, and its ability to completely ignore the logic of my intelligence when it has to.

8. NaNoWriMo.

9. Friends.

10. Opportunities.

11. Alexandre Dumas.

12. 5 out of my 7 teachers at my school are really good.

13. Smart, godly mentors.

14. Church of the King Wednesday night youth.

15. Food.

16. The house we’re moving to.

17. The faster internet at the house we’re moving to.

18. Doctor Who.

19. Certain people who’ve helped me get closer to God.

20. My iPod.

21. My phone.

22. The internet and my access to it.

23. My stories.

24. My characters.

25. Mythology and English IV.

26. My epic desk.

27. My collection of books and movies and music.

28. Thousand Foot Krutch and Skillet.

29. My computer, even if it is old and slow.

30. God.


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