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The Logic of Opposing Abortion

I really, really don’t want this blog to turn into angry, right-wing rants all the time, but I see so much ignorance and erroneous logic on this topic that I feel the need to try to put my views, which are based solely on what I see to be logic, into a single, cogent argument against abortion.  In case you can’t tell, this is a topic I have strong feelings for, and I’m more than a little aggravated by the public response to the recent events in the Texas Senate.

Let’s start with some definitions, aye?

Murder is defined as killing another human being with intent and malice aforethought, or planning ahead.

A human being is a creature of the species homo sapiens sapiens.

Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy before the fetus is able to sustain independent life.

Okay, so we’re clear on definitions.  Just from that, it seems pretty obvious to me that abortion ends a human life, and should be considered murder, or manslaughter at the very least. Obviously, not everyone agrees with me, since there are both personal opinions and, in fact, legal precedents that say a fetus is not a person.

But as has been shown in many cases, court decisions and even laws can be changed or overturned or reversed, and I think simple logic shows that that should be the case here.  These abortions of convenience are horrific, and over a million babies are murdered every year.

People argue that there are cases where it’s required to save the life of the mother, and I accept those cases as the mother’s choice; doctors are often faced with medical situations where one or more of their patients might die. However, from what I can find, those cases make up between 1% and 3% of all abortions.

People also argue that rape victims who get pregnant should have the option of abortion.  That is nothing more than adding another tragedy to the one that has already occurred.  The child is not at fault in any way for what happened to its mother.  There is no legal reason that that child should die, and so it would still be murder.

A third argument I hear often is ‘what about underage mothers’ or ‘what about victims of incest’. Yes, those are horrible, horrible things, but again, it’s not the child’s fault, and an abortion won’t change what happened to the mother.  I’ve heard of cases where abortion clinics would repeatedly abort the pregnancies of underage girls, allowing their abuse to continue undetected.

I’ve also heard attempts to chide the right wing for their stance on abortion by comparing it to gun control.  Why do we want people to have guns, if we’re so concerned with the deaths of innocents? Well, gun control is another matter entirely, but to argue the parallel they’re attempting to create, I’ll say this.  A gun is a tool.  Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Guns have a variety of uses.  Yes, one of those uses is to kill people.  But here’s the thing: It’s illegal to use guns to kill people except in very specific circumstances

If you’re a cop, and lives are on the line, you can use your gun to kill someone.  If you’re a soldier, and your life and the lives of your comrades are on the line, you can use your gun to kill someone.  If you’re a private citizen, and your life and your family’s lives are on the line, you can use your gun to kill someone.  Well, guess what?  If lives are on the line, then I see no problem with abortion, either. Those 1-3% of cases that are actually, medically necessary, I have no problem with it. It’s saddening and horrible, but that’s how life is.

Another argument, which seems to be trying to make a mockery out of the pro-life camp, though it’s so ridiculous I don’t see how even they can buy it, is ‘if you think abortion should be illegal, shouldn’t contraceptives be illegal too?’  No.  Sperm is not a complete human DNA sequence.  Neither is an egg.  Contraceptives keep those two things from coming together to form life.  No life is created.  An absence of creation is entirely different from destruction.

So there’s my take on abortion, from what I believe to be a fair and logical standpoint.  I hope you’ll actually consider it reasonably.  If you can’t, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.



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God: The Original Author; Fractured Creation

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Well, first of all, they don’t. It only happened once, and He volunteered.  But aside from that, let’s look at what people typically mean and try to answer that.

Bad things happen. They do. War. Crime. Poverty. Disease. Famine. Rape. Domestic abuse. Child abuse. So much that people cry out to God, “How could you let this happen?” Atheists point accusing fingers at people of faith, saying, “If your God was really a God of Love, He would stop all this!”

You know what? He wants to. He didn’t create any of this, in His Eden. He created a perfect world. An unbroken creation. A perfect manuscript. And what did we do? We tore it apart. We took God’s manuscript and ripped it to shreds, scattering the pieces and rearranging them.

We tried to make our own story. Thing is, we’re not qualified to. We don’t know everything about the Present, much less the Past or the future. We don’t know everything about ourselves, much less everything and everyone else. There is no way we could write a story.

So our world is wrong. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces mashed together in the wrong order. The picture doesn’t make sense, and there are cracks in it. Cracks that let things God never wanted in His story to slip in. Sin.

And we can’t fix it on our own.  We’re still not good enough. Only if everyone surrenders completely to the Author and lets Him finish His story.

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God: The Original Author; More Thoughts

These are some more thoughts I had about how this idea of God as the Author makes a lot of sense and is cool.

One thing I thought of that didn’t go into the posts is the very method God uses to create. Words. He speaks, and it is so. This lends a strong argument to my belief that words are powerful. Hence, I don’t (or rather, try not to. I’m far from perfect, yet) curse or insult people profusely, like I hear my fellow students doing. The pen is mightier than the sword, but a word doesn’t have to be written down to be dangerously powerful.

Another thing is, this is a good way to explain why there is evil in the world.  When was the last time you read a story, a really good story, where the characters had absolutely no challenges, and everything went well, and everyone was nice, and they all got along and lived happily ever after.

*gives you a few moments to wrack your brains*

There aren’t any. Because characters drive the story, and characters can only grow through hardship.  God doesn’t cause bad things to happen.  They’re just part of the story.

And another thing. God loves everybody. He wrote us. He took nothing and made it a person and gave it a unique personality that He loves. Even the villains.  Even the most horrific villains have some attachment to their author, because their author made them.

So everyone who’s addicted to something or who has made terrible mistakes, I have two things to say. One, God knows. Just because you don’t tell him doesn’t mean He doesn’t know. He wrote you. He knew what was going to happen before it happened.  So all the times you say, “Oh, He doesn’t know what I’ve done,” or “It’s too terrible, He can’t forgive me,” forget it. It’s crap.

Because, second thing I have to say, He loves you. It doesn’t matter what you did, God’s seen it, and is willing to forgive you if you just ask in the name of His Son, because He loves you. You’re His creation.

Yet another point: Satan is not the equal opposite of God. God is the author and Satan is a character. In my posts I described Jesus as the main character, though that’s not entirely accurate. It’s more like Jesus the man was the main character, if you could separate him from Jesus, the Son of God.

Anyway. Point is, Satan is not a threat to God at all. When my author friends and I are Role Playing our characters, and one of the villains does something out of line with our plans, one of us will call out, ‘Author powers’, and smite them. Annoying, sometimes. A threat, never.

There may be still more thoughts. We’ll see. Later, wyrms.


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God: The Original Author; Part Three: Letting the Characters Live

So God is in the Garden of Eden with His characters, Adam and Eve.  Like any Author, He enjoys being with His characters and they revere him as the giver of life, as they should.  God gives them free will, and sets a few simple rules.  One rule, actually.  Don’t touch this tree.

Enter our story’s antagonist.  Satan.  The deceiver.  The fallen angel of light.  “Oh, no, you won’t die.  You’ll get better!”  And so the apple is eaten.  This is the Inciting Incident.  This is why we need a hero.

Fast forward a few thousand years to a little insignificant town called Bethlehem.  In a small room crowded with animals, a teenage virgin gives birth.  The child is called Emmanuel, ‘God with us’.  Embracing Destiny.  We needed a hero, so He came.

Another thirty or so years later, the child has become a man, Jesus. He’s been spreading the Good News and performing miracles.  The people in power don’t like that.  They kill Him.  Not only do they kill Him, but first they scourge Him beyond recognition, to the point where you can see His spine.

Then they kill Him by crucifixion. The single most painful way to die that has yet been invented. In the moment of His death, the ground shakes and the sky goes dark.  Satan, it seems, has won.  God died.  It truly was The Black Moment.

Three days later.  The tomb is empty.  Death has been overcome.  Christ Jesus is alive, and rejoins his disciples.  He ascends into Heaven to be with His father.  This is the Climax.  The Showdown.

What does this mean for us?  It means that all we have left is the Denouement.  The Resolution.  The Showdown has already been fought, and won.  The Kingdom is secure.  Christ is the Lord of the Universe.  All we have to do is surrender to Him and let Him use us to bring more people to Himself.

And that, wyrms, that is pretty amazing.

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God: The Original Author; Part Two: Creating the Story

So I’ve established that God is the only Author to every create a truly original story. Then I looked at how He did it.

On the first day of Writing, He came up with the raw materials: matter and energy. Then He brought order to the energy by separating the light from the dark, creating the day and the night.

In verse six, the second day of Writing began. In the second and third days, God shaped the world in which He would write his story, creating the sea and the sky, and pulling the land up out of the water and causing plants to grow.

In verse fourteen, the fourth day begins, and God gives a source to the light by creating the sun and the moon and setting up the orbit of the world, that we can have seasons and days.

Then comes one of my favorite verses in the Bible, one of the most concise, potent declarations of God’s ultimate power. Our Author just spent fifteen verses and four days making our world, shaping it carefully. In the second half of verse sixteen, it says, “He made the stars also.”

‘The stars’. The rest of the entire universe, which we have only seen a tiny fraction of, and only understand an even smaller fraction of, was little more than an afterthought to the Author. His story came first. His characters and their world came first.

In the fifth and sixth days, the Author populated His world with life.  Fish and birds came first, followed on day six by the land animals.

Then, in the second half of day six, God creates his character.  He spends six verses on the creation of man in this first chapter, the same amount of time all other animals combined had spent on them, and that’s not all. The Author spent all of chapter two describing man and his purpose.

He creates Adam and breathes life into him, giving him very simple instructions, and then creates a companion for him. Being the best Author, He spends more time on His characters than on anything else.

The world is made. The characters are in place, and the plot of the story is clear in the Author’s mind. Tomorrow I’ll talk about how that story unfolded, and what it means to us.

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I Hate Being Busy

So I’ve been unpacking and doing schoolwork and doing a little writing but not finishing anything to put up here, so that’s why I haven’t been posting. I should finish a Lezvie and Angela short story before too long, so expect that.

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A Few Things that I Just Want to Say

I had another lesson today about how the increasingly fast pace of our country is ruining us.  We went to a Chinese restaurant tonight, and it was the best Chinese food I’d had in a while. You know why?

Because they had people in the back making up the food by hand, fresh. I mean, the orange chicken had freshly grated orange zest in it. Made by hand, carefully. Not scooped out of a giant pot.

Also, a question to all the ‘gangstas’ (I might dedicate a separate post to just why I hate that name later): Why on earth do you wear your pants around your knees?

Do you think it looks good? It doesn’t. Does it… I can’t even think of another possible benefit it could have. Besides, isn’t it kinda hard to do things when you have to hold up your pants with one hand? And doesn’t it make running from the cops harder when you have to move like a penguin? Just a thought…

Yeah, I’m definitely going to do a ‘gangsta’ post later…

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