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Synopsis for ‘Rise of the Teakettle’

Hundreds of years ago, the Founders built the Teakettle, a massive supercomputer, to oversee the running of Genetopia. This system has worked flawlessly for all that time, allowing Genetopia to keep its position of supremacy over the other nations through genetic enhancement.

But this veneer of perfection is only that: a veneer. Dylan Kinsley, one of the best programmers the world has ever produced, finds disturbing information that suggests that the Teakettle has been doing more than overseeing. No hard data for the Senators can be found, and in the classified databanks Dylan finds termination orders.

Now Dylan, along with his closest friends Kendran, a man with the hide and strength of a rhino, and Seraphina, a woman made angelic not only by her manner and beauty, but also by the snow white wings she bears, must find a way to shut down the largest supercomputer in the world, in a country where every citizen has been genetically altered to avoid questioning authority. Can they uncover the mystery in time? Or will their society be forever doomed to ignorance?



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Genetopia, AKA Rise of the Teakettle

A few things I need to say here. One, Genetopia is definitely steampunk. Two, its new working title is ‘Rise of the Teakettle’. I’ll explain later.

Three, Rise of the Teakettle is definitely what I’ll be working on. Four, I’ve already started writing a few scenes.

Five, the Love and the Ally need names. The Ally is an anthro rhino. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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