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Sweet Relief

Finally finished my term exams. I feel good about all seven and know for a fact I got a 100 on two of them. So that’s over with.

Best part? A five day break, starting tomorrow. I’m probably going to just sleep a lot tomorrow, but the next four days should let me crank out some writing. Expect to see more Lezvie and Angela stories and possibly some Phenomenon.

Also, I should be able to put up my first video blog post, if I can get some opinions on what I should talk about/read.

So, that’s all coming up this weekend. See you then, wyrms.



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The Trojan War, in Brief

Here it is! My video of the Trojan War, or at least some of it. 😛


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Coming Soon

Sorry I’ve not been posting. School’s been busy. However, the results of that business (that’s busy-ness, not business like a job) should prove to be very cool.

I’ll be putting up a video of a few scenes from the Trojan War, enacted by my Mythology class and a few other people we roped in, and I’ll also put up the script, so you can see what I told the actors to do and how it actually came out.

I’m also designing a fan page for Thousand Foot Krutch for my Web Design class, and I might be able to let y’all see that, depending on how everything works. It will also have some information on the story that I’m planning/outlining/writing that was inspired by their album Phenomenon.

So, yeah. Stay tuned, wyrms.


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The Future of the Bookwyrm’s Den

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. But I will be making a few changes.

Eventually, I’ll start making pages along the top with some of my series. Like, I’ll make a page that has all my Lezvie and Angela stuff to date, and a page that has my Original Author posts on it, stuff like that.

Also, I’m going to start putting some more videos up on my YouTube channel eventually, and will post them on here as well. The first to come will probably be a scene from the Iliad that my classmates and I are making for Mythology.

Stay tuned, wyrms.

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