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Allow Me to Introduce…

The main character from Phenomenon! He hasn’t told me his name, yet.  I’m not even sure whether he talks or not, but I know what he looks and acts like, so here’s a description of him.


The floorboard creaked as his heavy boot came down on it.  His target whirled and froze, paling as he saw the spectre that faced him.

He stood over six and a half feet tall, and not an inch of that skin went unprotected.  On his feet were heavy, black engineers’ boots, into which were tucked the legs of his pants.  He wore black riot armor, with a white cross where the badge would be had a police officer worn it.  Over that he wore a black trench coat, which swirled about his knees in the gusts of wind that slipped through the cracks in the walls.  His hands, which gripped the handles on his minigun, were covered by sturdy black gloves.  He had even covered his head, with a black aviator’s cap.

None of this, however, terrified his target more than the mask he wore.  A gas mask, with the alien appearance common to all such, it also had dark blue lenses that seemed to peer into the target’s soul.  In that moment, he realized that this specter would not be stopped.  Whatever his mission was, he would accomplish it.


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Epic Idea for a Short Story

Don’t worry, this won’t slow down the progress of ‘Rise of the Teakettle’. I’m not going to start writing this until after NaNoWriMo, in which I’m writing Teakettle.

I have some really cool images in my head of how this story is going to work, but for now all I’ll say is that it is based on the Thousand Foot Krutch album ‘Phenomenon’. Stay tuned, it’s going to be really good when I write it.

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