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Anarchism 2016

Whoo, a political post.  Because there aren’t any of those out right now.  I had a lot of discussions tonight about politics, and it made me feel the need to rant somewhere that’s entirely devoted to my thoughts.  And I just so happen to have a blog.  So here goes.

Obama won.  And, despite being conservative, I’m actually glad he won.  And here’s why.

Romney didn’t really seem that much better.  They both have socialist leanings, and neither of them gave me any reason to think they’ll actually improve the country.  So, since they’d both accomplish the same thing (nothing) and the country should hate whichever one of them does it, I wanted the candidate who claimed to be from the opposite standpoint as the one I believe in to be the one to take the fall.

Hopefully, we’ll realize how terrible things have gotten and swing back to a really conservative candidate.  Like a modern Reagan.

Or, the other option, we keep tumbling down this economic and moral cliff until the country truly tears itself in two and we experience a second Civil War, most likely ending in anarchism.

Huzzah!  I’m already gathering my comrades for my elitist intellectual society, to be formed in the aftermath of the war.  Speak now if you want to join me.  Once the bullets start flying, we will no longer be accepting applications.



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Book Review: No He Can’t

No He Can’t is a clear, undistorted look at the Obama administration by Kevin McCullough, a renowned blogger and author who was also one of the first pundits to predict Obama’s ascension to the presidency.

Kevin McCullough discusses how Obama lied his way from the Chicago Senate all the way to the White House. It wasn’t unintentional or accidental, either.  Obama knew full well that what he was saying was false, even as he said it.

The book isn’t just a right-wing bash on Obama, either. He uses clear facts and evidence to make his points. Everything he says is logical, making solid points about Obama’s lies and deceptions.

Everyone needs to read this book.  His writing style is intelligent and easy to read, and the information he gives is critical.  Five out of five stars for content, and five out of five stars for style.

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