A Story, As Of Yet Untitled

This is the synopsis of one of the primary novels I’m working on. Any feedback would be appreciated.

For nearly two millennia, the world has been at peace. The magic used by everyone has not been turned to offensive purposes, even for discipline, for almost that long. However, the coming of Arkantos, the one who wields both the power of the magi, and the power of the priests, heralds the coming of something terrible.

A being of Darkness, a demon lord of corruption, has forced its way into the world, bringing with it destruction and despair. His corruption and manipulation have already consumed entire cities, and have claimed hundreds of lives, including those of Arkantos’ family. Will Arkantos be able to remain true, fulfill his destiny and destroy the demon? Or will his feelings of rage and despair lead him into the web of lies that his foe has laid?



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3 responses to “A Story, As Of Yet Untitled

  1. Tiger

    What’s this about? Tell me!! And by the way, that sounds like something I’d want to read.
    P.S. Is that supposed to be “magi” or “magic”? Just asking. Love you!!

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