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Sanders and Socialism

This is me, making my first and last sincere plea to anyone who thinks Bernie Sanders actually has a good, solid economic plan for America.  I see bits and pieces of this all over the internet, so this is less of a personal blog most and more of a bundle of other things to look at, gathered for your convenience and summarized.

Let’s start with a look at a country which is unequivocally socialist, and yet which never seems to be addressed by the rabid masses that are “Feeling the Bern”: Venezuela.  Here is an article that sums up what’s going on there.  Rationed electricity, leaving homes without power for hours at a time.  The country outsourcing the printing of their own (staggeringly inflated and increasing worthless) money because they literally don’t have the resources to do it all.  People hunting cats, dogs, and pigeons, and robbing water trucks in an attempt to survive.

“But Bernie’s a DEMOCRATIC Socialist”, I see commented on articles like these.  Well, I have another point to counter that.  Bernie has often pointed at Denmark as the benchmark, an ideal to which we should strive.  Well, Denmark wants Bernie to stop pointing.

While speaking at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the center-right Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said he was aware “that some people in the U.S. associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism.”

“Therefore,” he said, “I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy.”

While he does admit to a certain level of welfare state, even that is being cut back, according to the New York Times.

Denmark has among the highest marginal income-tax rates in the world, with the top bracket of 56.5 percent kicking in on incomes of more than about $80,000. But in exchange, the Danes get a cradle-to-grave safety net that includes free healthcare, a free university education, and hefty payouts even to the richest citizens.

Parents in all income brackets, for example, get quarterly checks from the government to help defray child-care costs. The elderly get free maid service if they need it, even if they are wealthy.

But few experts here believe that Denmark can long afford the current perks. So Denmark is retooling itself, tinkering with corporate tax rates, considering new public sector investments, and, for the long term, trying to wean more people, the young and the old, off government benefits.

Even in our own country, we can see this trend of Socialism being a brief economic relief, followed by either reformations (as Denmark is trying to do) or disaster (as in Venezuela).  FDR’s New Deal during the Great Depression kept a lot of people in work, at least enough to keep their families alive, until World War II kick-started our economy and brought us back on top of things.  But now, even a socialist step as comparatively small as Social Security is proving how damaging it can be.  With the Social Security trust fund running out, recipients will start receiving less than they put in, about 75 cents on the dollar, in about twenty years, and those who draw on disability can expect to feel the sting well before that.

To expect Socialism to fix a problem that Socialism itself has caused, no matter what you call it, is madness at its heart.  Venezuela, fiercely socialist, is a barren wasteland, on the verge of collapsing entirely, where a value menu McDonald’s burger costs $170.  Denmark, loudly denying that it is socialist to begin with, is cutting back on those traits that Bernie Sanders espouses because they are unsustainable.

Socialism.  Doesn’t.  Work.


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A Comment on American Society

This isn’t an area I study, so I wouldn’t have come up with the details, but it’s something I’ve believed as a general rule and suspected for a while.  Then I saw a friend’s father post this on Facebook, and asked him if I could share it here.

What differentiates these old-school communist groups from (for lack of a better term) the neo-crypto-Marxists is that the oldsters missed the memo that the route to socialism is not through OVERT calls for revolution but rather through stealth and infiltration. The “new” (in the last three decades or so) technique is now to introduce socialism bit by bit to America, but deny that you are doing so.

Thus, the fundamental difference between these embarrassing and counter-productive protest groups and the much more common postmodern crypto-socialists is that the old-timers are not followers of Gramsci, the Italian communist philosopher who recommended a slow and surreptitious takeover of society’s institutions (education, media, etc.) rather than the blunt in-your-face violent revolution advocated by the Leninists and the Maoists.

The amazing thing about Gramscianism is that it functions as a virus such that most of the young people participating in the slow-motion socialist takeover of America have no idea that they are even doing so. Indoctrinated by the first wave of devilishly clever teachers, misinformed by devilishly clever media, and led astray by devilishly clever politicians, the young activists of today for the most part have no clue that the positions they advocate and the social or economic changes they push are actually part of an incremental communist revolution. All they “know” is that they’re hip and with the in-crowd, a misapprehension which their indoctrinators intentionally encourage.

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