On Ferguson

Warning: Post written on anger and Vicodin. Profanity and insults may follow.

Okay. So I watched the livestreams the night after the grand jury decisions, so this isn’t me repeating what the media is saying, or listening to someone else’s opinions. This is me seeing what physically happened, and commenting on it.

What happened in Ferguson was completely uncalled for and out of control.  If I had sympathy for the protesters before, it is now gone.  I saw what I can only describe as complete stupidity on behalf of the protesters. The police gave repeated verbal warnings for them to disperse. When the warnings went unheeded, when the police began using tear gas in attempt to disperse what was, by that point, an unlawful and unruly mob, they began shouting “F*** the police!” and yelling about police brutality and ‘collective punishment’, complaining about the ‘soldiers’ and ‘military vehicles’.

Then they complained, with a burning squad car in the frame, that they were being unjustly punished, and that it was a peaceful protest.

Now, I’m not one to endorse a police state or the absolute necessity of following the letter of the law.  But when mobs have threatened riots and violence, including direct death threats against officers and their families, I’d want a couple of armored vehicles, too.  When squad cars burn and buildings are looted and destroyed, you’ve lost all right to expect to be treated as a peaceful protest.

As far as the actual lack of indictment goes: I haven’t read the full report yet.  I plan to.  But this is not the first time something like this has happened.  And given the fact that I just saw hundreds of black people acting clearly hostile towards police officers who had already deployed tear gas and who were standing defensively with loaded weapons, I don’t find it at all hard to believe that Mike Brown could have been doing something that warranted him being shot.  Yes, yes, witnesses that he was surrendering, coroner’s reports, I’ve heard all that.  I’ve also heard the exact opposite.  No one had all the details up until now except for the grand jury, who decided that Officer Wilson shouldn’t be indicted.

My mother was alive, and local, in fact, when the Rodney King riots happened.  It was a very similar situation.  A bunch of black people blindly believing that the police are racists, that the justice system failed, that they’re all so oppressed and no one will help them, and then they loot and burn and destroy their own neighborhoods.

Maybe the fact that black people get shot and white people get arrested isn’t because of the racism of the officers on the scene.  Maybe it’s because of the attitudes of the people in question.  This whole ‘f*** the police’ attitude, the constant threats against law enforcement, those create an atmosphere of hostility that creates a very real danger for officers, who then defend themselves appropriately.

So don’t tell me that the rioters have your sympathy.  Don’t tell me that justice wasn’t done.  Is our justice system broken?  Absolutely.  Is this an example of it?  No.  The grand jury made the right call.  It’s absolutely a tragedy that this happened, but it’s not because Officer Wilson is a racist, and it’s not because the whites are oppressing the blacks.  It’s because certain stereotypes exist because they’re true.


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  1. Reblogged this on Tha Black Vernacular and commented:
    You sound so naive and childish. I hope with age, and learning, you will learn to be more wise. I got to your page from your Christian mothers RVing site. You don’t sound very Christian at all. You sound terrible. With all your free time in your RV, you should have plenty of opportunity to go read on history–YOUR history.

    Go read WHY Black people have to draw the line. Read WHAT happened to us, and still happens worldwide to this day. WORLDWIDE Black people suffer more than any other people. This is basic statistics. We have suffered GENOCIDE, Pedophilia, Murder, Lynching, Scalping, Warfare, War Crimes, Rape, Death…Our children have been stolen and sold from us, both men and women raped by both slave masters and random community members….in my fathers time (not so long ago) it was legal to lynch a man, cut off his phallus, and call the wife and kids to take a smiling photo. Reagan all but admitted to putting crack in the inner cities–Black people don’t own these boats and planes bringing drugs into this country! This is white people, this is the terror YOUR people put on US to stress about.

    Your government spends BILLIONS manipulating foreign elections, all so it can steal from and murder black and brown people worldwide (ever wonder why we leave the tropics to immigrate to whiter countries? Hint: It’s not your climate. It’s the fact that the only people you don’t bomb and destroy are your own).

    You sound so, so ignorant, it is just sad. You are a child. A child who, when faced with politics he doesn’t understand, should TAKE TIME TO LEARN. Not become a racist. Not JOIN systematic oppression. Because THAT is what we suffer. THAT is what we riot against. SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION. The one thing no white person, least of all the most privileged white man, will EVER EVER have to deal with even if he suffers everything else.

    You will NEVER know the daily STRESS we deal with due to people deciding stereotypes are true, and that we shouldn’t riot when our people are killed so often. Did you know BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE MOST MISSING IN AMERICA??? Is that not a reason to riot? We are killed the most and missing the most here? But we should continue waiting for white people to come around??

    I will give you a hint at the history you so naively blunder past: NO WHITE PERSON HAS EVER GIVEN US ANYTHING WITHOUT A FIGHT. Not a one. We have had to fight and prove ourselves for basic rights.

    And before you boohoo about Black on Black crime–take note that white on white crime equates it. You should focus on your own disgusting community.

    Do you REALLY believe that ATTITUDE should decide who should live and die???? Do you REALLY believe that NO WHITE PEOPLE give attitude to the police EVER???? Do you REALLY believe that we are not harassed and tired of police harassment? But of course you do. You have never been pulled over with your mother and sister for a broken tail light, and had 6 cops surrounding your car for it, “just to make sure” everything is safe. You don’t live that terror. Because due to white privilege, your family does not scare people just by living in a car on a road.

    I won’t waste anymore time on you. You are a poor reflection of your family, your mother, and what Christianity supposedly stands for.

    Rest in Power to Rodney King and Mike Brown, and as of today Eric Garner and Sandra Bland and the other sisters dead because of police thinking you need an “attitude adjustment”. Neither you, nor our thousands of brothers and sisters dead and missing due to foul play and injustice deserved to die. NONE of you. Because we don’t need to Shuck and Jive for white people anymore. We don’t NEED to smile and act goofy for them anymore. That day is done. We can look them square in the eye and say “No” now, and they’d better believe it and take it and respect it the same way they respect “their boys” those blonde, misogynistic, egotistical cismales who arrogantly believe they run this earth. That is what our Ancestors died for. I am sorry your names were brought up on this idiot boys page to be dragged through the mud and ridiculed–he clearly has no respect for the dead.

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