Thoughts On the Middle East

I wasn’t going to post anything for 9/11.  Really, I wasn’t.  But I’ve seen this day of rememberance used to launch such a powerful torrent of anti-war sentiment in relation to the Syria situation, on every social media platform I use, that I felt the need to offer an opposing opinion.

Before I go into detail, I want to clarify something.  This is not a matter of hating someone for being a particular race, or blaming an entire group for the actions of a few radicals, or getting revenge for the deaths of Americans.  I don’t hate anyone, largely because they don’t matter to me enough to waste energy hating.  All of my opinions come from observations and logic, and are aimed at restoring America to the position of power she had post-WWII.

Now.  The Syria situation.  To strike, or not to strike?  Well, if we’re going to throw a couple of missiles at them, maybe some aircraft, I’d say don’t bother.  But there is another option.  War.  Total war.  Not an intervention to help one side of the civil war or the other, especially given that they hate us both equally.  War against both sides.

As a general rule, the United States has been a pro-war country. It takes us a while to get started, sure. But once we commit to a war, we commit hard. This country was born out of a war. We finally decided we’d had enough from Britain and told them to shove off. When they refused, we fought them. Everyone fought them. The country, not just the military, went to war.

The same thing happened in World War I.  We didn’t want to get involved.  It wasn’t our problem.  But, with the discovery of the Zimmerman telegram, the country, not the military, decided to go to war.  World War II was the same.  Only when we were directly struck did we make a move.  The entire country went to war, pulling itself out of a depression with wartime industry to make America the most powerful country in the world.

But what’s been going on in Iraq and Afghanistan is not a war.  It doesn’t fit in the same category as either World War, or the Revolutionary War.  War implies the possibility of defeat.  War implies a full mobilization of resources and a dedication of spirit.  The conflict in the Middle East is just that: conflict.  It doesn’t have public support.  It never really did.  It was always vague and surrounded by controversy.  Rather than thinking of it as a war, think of it as a catastrophe, much like the mishandling of the Vietnam conflict.

Syria, however.  Syria offers an opportunity for a real war.  Yes, they haven’t hit us.  Yet.  But who’s to say they won’t?  We didn’t think Kaiser Wilhelm would make a move on us during World War I.  We didn’t think the Axis would attack us in World War II.  But they did.  Waiting, in the middle of a depression, while a hostile nation violates the Geneva Protocols, is a mistake.  Nobody enjoys watching our people die in a war.  But is it any better to watch their people die while we wait for a war?  The world is stirred up over this.  Russia and China have flexed their metaphorical muscles, and the eyes of the world are on America.

We won the first World War.  We won the second.  If stopping Syria from slaughtering innocents with immoral and illegal weapons means starting a third World War, I say, bring it on.  If history is any indication, America will triumph once again over those who would do evil, and reclaim her place as the leader of the free world.


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