The Logic of Opposing Abortion

I really, really don’t want this blog to turn into angry, right-wing rants all the time, but I see so much ignorance and erroneous logic on this topic that I feel the need to try to put my views, which are based solely on what I see to be logic, into a single, cogent argument against abortion.  In case you can’t tell, this is a topic I have strong feelings for, and I’m more than a little aggravated by the public response to the recent events in the Texas Senate.

Let’s start with some definitions, aye?

Murder is defined as killing another human being with intent and malice aforethought, or planning ahead.

A human being is a creature of the species homo sapiens sapiens.

Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy before the fetus is able to sustain independent life.

Okay, so we’re clear on definitions.  Just from that, it seems pretty obvious to me that abortion ends a human life, and should be considered murder, or manslaughter at the very least. Obviously, not everyone agrees with me, since there are both personal opinions and, in fact, legal precedents that say a fetus is not a person.

But as has been shown in many cases, court decisions and even laws can be changed or overturned or reversed, and I think simple logic shows that that should be the case here.  These abortions of convenience are horrific, and over a million babies are murdered every year.

People argue that there are cases where it’s required to save the life of the mother, and I accept those cases as the mother’s choice; doctors are often faced with medical situations where one or more of their patients might die. However, from what I can find, those cases make up between 1% and 3% of all abortions.

People also argue that rape victims who get pregnant should have the option of abortion.  That is nothing more than adding another tragedy to the one that has already occurred.  The child is not at fault in any way for what happened to its mother.  There is no legal reason that that child should die, and so it would still be murder.

A third argument I hear often is ‘what about underage mothers’ or ‘what about victims of incest’. Yes, those are horrible, horrible things, but again, it’s not the child’s fault, and an abortion won’t change what happened to the mother.  I’ve heard of cases where abortion clinics would repeatedly abort the pregnancies of underage girls, allowing their abuse to continue undetected.

I’ve also heard attempts to chide the right wing for their stance on abortion by comparing it to gun control.  Why do we want people to have guns, if we’re so concerned with the deaths of innocents? Well, gun control is another matter entirely, but to argue the parallel they’re attempting to create, I’ll say this.  A gun is a tool.  Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Guns have a variety of uses.  Yes, one of those uses is to kill people.  But here’s the thing: It’s illegal to use guns to kill people except in very specific circumstances

If you’re a cop, and lives are on the line, you can use your gun to kill someone.  If you’re a soldier, and your life and the lives of your comrades are on the line, you can use your gun to kill someone.  If you’re a private citizen, and your life and your family’s lives are on the line, you can use your gun to kill someone.  Well, guess what?  If lives are on the line, then I see no problem with abortion, either. Those 1-3% of cases that are actually, medically necessary, I have no problem with it. It’s saddening and horrible, but that’s how life is.

Another argument, which seems to be trying to make a mockery out of the pro-life camp, though it’s so ridiculous I don’t see how even they can buy it, is ‘if you think abortion should be illegal, shouldn’t contraceptives be illegal too?’  No.  Sperm is not a complete human DNA sequence.  Neither is an egg.  Contraceptives keep those two things from coming together to form life.  No life is created.  An absence of creation is entirely different from destruction.

So there’s my take on abortion, from what I believe to be a fair and logical standpoint.  I hope you’ll actually consider it reasonably.  If you can’t, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.



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5 responses to “The Logic of Opposing Abortion

  1. Nicholas

    ‘what about victims of incest’ How exactly does that work? Or is the victim the child?

  2. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    I love your blog. One thing that just slayed me was my Aunt was played being very religious, takes her daughter, 35 years ago to New York, where she could have her daughter’s 6 month pregnancy terminated. That was a child. Her first grandchild. How can anyone do that???

  3. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a beautiful Ticklr by the name of HeidiJoSmith fell victim to a fangirl curse. Although others had tried to curse her previously, none but most magical warlock of them was able to succeed. Luckily, this warlock was a man of great bravery, honesty and kindness, and he promised to be kind to our poor, loving heroine But alas, their love was not meant to be! One fateful day, Heidi logged on to Tickld, and by chance, thought to look at the Wall of Fame. To her dismay, she saw her hero was not there! “There must be some mistake,” she thought, as her hero would never deliberately abandon his fans. “Perhaps he merely gifted all his karma to some worthy soul!” She seized on this idea, and immediately went to check that he had not, in fact, abandoned her. But alas, when she searched for his user profile, he was gone. She leaned her head against the cool screen of her computer as tears filled her eyes. She could not understand what had happened! Was it a mistake? Had he truly forgotten his fans? Or was some greater evil abroad? All she could do was reread those words over and over again, as she prayed for his return. “User TheDarkWyrm does not exist.”

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