The Second War of Secession

For the purposes of this post, and probably for the rest of my life, I will refer to what is commonly known as the ‘Civil War’ as the ‘War of Secession’.  I feel, now that I’m old enough to analyze the war instead of just accepting what I’m spoon-fed, that the War of Secession is a much more apt title.

Having established that, I will now discuss one of the possible outcomes of this whole uproar over the petitions for secession.  This post will not discuss the practicality or legality of the petitions.  My upcoming post on Politics of US, which should be published this Tuesday, will cover that.  This post will assume that the petitions are all shot down and focus on the fallout.

It will probably start small.  Protests in the more conservative states, which grow into riots.  The state governments may ignore them, or even support them, possibly re-petitioning in a more official fashion.  The federal government orders the National Guard to stop the riots, but some of them are sympathetic to the rioters.  The Guard will either split and fight amongst itself, or it will side with the rebels (I’m assuming this since the Guardsmen come from the same background as the rioters of the state they are in, generally, so they’re likely to feel the same way).

So the National Guard doesn’t fix the problem, and, in fact, makes it worse.  Now the Commander in Chief decides it’s time to call in the Army.  The states don’t like that at all.  As soon as the Army starts fighting Americans, several states (basically the old Confederacy) declare independence and fight back.  The Western states, the ones created after the War of Secession and so without historical ties to either side, will either cheer the Federal Government for taking action or scorn it for turning the Army on American citizens.

At this point, California (who as I understand it has been claiming it could handle itself just fine for some years now), would announce that it, too, is seceding, possibly taking a few Western states with it.  By this point, the ‘United States of America’ is limited to the Northeastern quadrant of what used to be a country, and numerous splinter factions begin to emerge.

When the fighting dies down somewhat and the dust settles, we would be left with the USA, which would control pretty much the same territory as the Union at the beginning of the first War of Secession.  South of them, in the territory occupied by the Confederacy, would be the New Confederacy (possibly just called the Confederacy again), which may or may not include the sovereign Republic of Texas.  To the West, the New California Republic takes up all of California and probably Nevada as well.  In between the NCR and the other two or three factions are states that didn’t really join any of the other factions and have now formed a loose alliance, with survivalist nuts wielding sniper rifles making sure that the bigger factions don’t impose on them.

This is, really, an optimistic outcome to the Second War of Secession.  It’s more likely, I think, that all government breaks down for a time, allowing people to re-form whatever sort of societies they can form and want to form.

Whatever happens, it certainly will be interesting.



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11 responses to “The Second War of Secession

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  2. It seems almost like you would like/expect, a war out of this. I disagree that there will likely be a war, while possible, I think the chances are slim.For anything else, I’ll defer to Erasmus: “Dulce bellum inexpertis”.

    That being said, the only real and certain outcome to your war is a death-toll, try as you might to predict it ahead of time, it is all subject to imagination- but imagination doesn’t quite do much to dispose of bodies.

    • The origin of the quote is Pindar, actually, not Erasmus. Erasmus used it after hearing it from Pindar.

      And as the the point of what you said: this blog is just where I can give my opinions on whatever I want. Is war likely? No, probably not. Is it possible? Yes. Would it go down like I said? Maybe, maybe not. But now, however it does go, I have a prediction to compare it against.

      Maybe I should add a disclaimer: “All opinions expressed on this blog are based on guesswork and assumptions, and should not be taken as life-altering advice.”

      • Them I’ve learned something new, but the origin of the quote didn’t change its nature, and I’m quite aware that your opinion is posted here. But to offer an opinion is to invite others to offer theirs as well, even if they stand contrary to your own. If I should refrain from doing so from here on, please let me know.
        I never referred to your post as life altering advice… I never referred to it as anything more than your opinion. So there was never any disagreement there.

      • No, no, it’s fine. I like opposing opinions, as long as they are presented in good spirit.

  3. BJ

    You sure do like to dream. Thanks for the comedy this afternoon.

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  5. Cal Robbins

    The Civil War, or War of Northern Agression, or as you term it,the War of Secession, was the second Second war of Secession. The first War of Secession was what is termed as the Revolutionary War, when we Seceeded from England

    • That’s something I’ve always believed, myself. There were enough difference in the exact circumstances, though, that I think the different names serve a purpose. The colonists weren’t really an equal part of England; they were an oppressed colony. They had a revolution to overthrow a tyrant. The South was an equal part of the USA, but they didn’t like the way it was going, so they were going to secede from the union they were a part of.

  6. Jesters Joker

    Secession Scenario
    Government seems to be falling apart thru a perceived misappropriation of finances.
    In the Nov 2014 Elections the people have voted to put the Republicans in control of both houses of Congress.
    In the 2016 election the country elects a Republican to the white house. This new president and his Republican administration with the help of congress and the Senate start making cuts in government benefits, and by reducing government.
    The unemployment is high after 8 years of Democratic rule.
    The cuts are hurting people all over the country especially those who have become dependent on some form of government assistance.
    Major riots explode all over the US due to government cut backs on government assistance.
    The National Guard is called out in many major cities.
    Talks of secession are all over the internet.
    Democratic Liberal California feeling neglected and abandoned by the Federal government decides to secede from the Union.
    Washington sends in Federal troops. A large battle ensues and the Federal troops are defeated and California retains its independence.
    Conservative Republican Texas having spear headed a Republican takeover in Washington thru an election puts out the word for a voluntary army to take back California. Many in Texas heed the call.
    Meanwhile Independent and sovereign California is joined by Nevada, Oregon and Washington State.
    Hawaii follows suit by declaring itself independent and sovereign.
    There are rumors all over the internet reporting a Russian build up in Siberia.
    The rumors are implying Russia plans to take back Alaska.
    Washington having its hands full asks for Canadian and British help in protecting Alaska.
    Thousands of Canadian and British troops are sent into Alaska for the express purpose of defending Alaska from an implied invasion of Russia.
    Texas troops along with Federal troops invade southern California capturing conservative San Diego they continue the march up the coast and enlisting volunteers. Texas attacks Los Angeles after a fierce battle LA is taken.
    Next is San Francisco and another fierce battle San Francisco is taken. California is now firmly back in the hands of the United States. The Texas army continues its upward invasion taking over and securing Oregon then Washington.
    Meanwhile in the Southern states there is a near racial war erupting.
    Federal troops are sent in but cannot contain the riots.
    In New York and surrounding states a voluntary army is being amassed to quell the riots and stop the rumor of a second civil war with the south.
    This Liberal Democratic army invades the south taking over the south and quelling the race war as many will see it.
    But the leader of this Northern Liberal Democratic army takes over the government and puts out an order to arrest all the conservative Republicans in the white house for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    The Conservative Republicans flee to Austin, Texas setting up government to take back the white house.
    The Conservative Texas army is now at war with the Liberal Democrats who have taken over the Federal Government.
    This war between the West and the East goes on for another two years with neither side gaining much ground.
    Canada fearing an invasion of Russia enters the war on the Texas side asking for nuclear ability to defend Alaska.
    This alliance puts the Liberal Democratic Army in great peril considering that it now must send troops up north to defend its borders from Canada.
    The leaders of the Western States and the leaders of the Eastern Sates meet in Paris to negotiate a United Nation sponsored truce.
    World pressure is being put on a truce or treaty because a fear that this conflict is leading to a world war.
    In this truce or treaty it is decided that the continental United States would be split into two countries.
    One would be called the United States of Texas and it would go from Texas to California and Washington to North Dakota.
    The other would be called the United States of Atlantica and it would be from Minnesota to Maine and
    Louisiana to Florida.
    Alaska would be given to Canada and Hawaii and Puerto Rico would be given independence.
    The United States of America is now no more.

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