The Saga of Sethor

An old collection of haiku and tanka that I wrote to make a story of a ninja.  And, in the beginning, a haiku about haiku.

H1) First five syllables

Second seven syllables

Third five syllables


H2) The Kingdom of Tor

Prosperous and richly blest

Fell upon hard times

H3)Their Eastern neighbor,

The Kingdom of Alamon

Began to invade

T1)Though Tor tried to fight,

It was hopelessly outmatched.

Alamon’s armies

Swept through Tor’s troops like a scythe.

Tor’s King was forced to submit

H4)It seemed all was lost

When an unlikely hero

Emerged from a farm

T2)The farmer Sethor

Made his tools into weapons

Fighting Alamon

With unconventional skills

Sethor became the ninja

T3)His guile and cunning

Alamon could not defeat

He was a shadow

Confront it, it melts away

Chase it, it is behind you

H5)Silent as the wind

Invisible as the moon

When it becomes new

T4)Alamon knew fear

The day brought news of terrors

Inflicted far away

Night brought terrors to their homes

The ninja: deadly, vengeful

T5)Deep in Alamon

Sethor’s nemesis rose up

Another ninja

Another warrior of night

Another silent assassin

H6)They knew they would clash

Unstoppable force meeting

Immovable will

T6)Rather than evade

Sethor took fate in his hands

He prepared to meet

His rival from Alamon

Laying traps and making plans

H7)When his enemy

Fell into his waiting hands

He knew no mercy

T7)Alamon’s ninja

Knew he was hopelessly outmatched

Yet he still fought on

Until he had no breath left

And Sethor stood triumphant

H8)The Kingdom of Tor

Freshly inspired, rose up

Fighting Alamon

T8)Long were the battles

Long and bloody and brutal

As Tor stood up tall

And defied their conquerors

The nation followed Sethor

H9)Alamon collapsed

The Kingdom of Tor had won

Sethor had saved them

T9)The people declared

Sethor was to be made King

But he refused them

He was ninja, a warrior

Not a leader, not a King

H10) They found a new King,

And Sethor served him loyally

For all of his days

T10) That is the story

Of the farm ninja Sethor

And his great triumph

Over Alamon’s ninja

And over Alamon’s King


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