I’m going offline for a while.  Until the end of high school, to be precise.  My grades aren’t what they could be, so I’m taking these last two weeks to really buckle down and get things done.

I’ll still come on for about an hour a day during the week, two hours on the weekends, but that time will include blogging and checking emails/notifications, so I still won’t be able to talk much.

This includes my phone.  I won’t text anymore, except for special occasions, and a very limited time each day when I’m taking a break.

While I hate to do this, I’d hate even more to have my plans fall apart because I slacked off at the end.  To steal the tagline of one of the coolest animes ever:

“Bide your time, and hold out hope.”


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One response to “Blackout

  1. It figures I would find your blog just as your hiatus begins. I have read several of your posts and enjoyed them all escpecially the zombie survival lists. I hope you can get your grades up and come back to blogging.

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