Zombie Survival Weapons; Supplemental

While the list of five weapons I posted is all well and good if you can get your hands on them, what if you can’t?  This is a companion list, detailing five common household items that can be used in an emergency as an anti-zombie weapon.  You probably won’t have all five in your home, but I tried to make it so everyone has at least one.

Lob Wedge: 35”, 4.1 lbs. Steel handle.

Cast-iron Skillet: 18”, 8.5 lbs. 12” diameter.

Fire Axe: 36”, 4.9 lbs. Wood handle.

Fire Poker: 43”, 3 lbs. Wrought iron.

Baseball Bat: 34”, 1.9 lbs. Ash.

Now, I was going to make this a comparison list, like the first one, but they ended up all scoring 3.8 out of 5 on the scale I made for them.  So, I’ll give you a few more tips to make up for the lack of a cool list.

Tip #1) Wear leather.

Zombies aren’t smart. And they aren’t animals, either. Which makes them much less dangerous than one might imagine, IF, and this is a very big if, you avoid getting contaminated by them.  Wear leather.  A leather jacket and leather gloves will keep the stray swipe that gets past your guard from being lethal.

Tip #2) Shields are good.

Same principle as the leather.  The only true weapon a zombie has is the infection.  If you have a large, flat piece of metal or wood between you and it, it can’t touch you.

And tip #3) Buddy up.

Most theories go with the assumption that zombies don’t sleep.  You do.  If you’re asleep, you won’t hear the shuffling feet and you’ll be zombie food.  Find a partner.  Sleep in shifts.

Depending on how things work out, I may be writing a book on zombie survival.  Leave a comment below or like and share this post if you’d be interested in said book.


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  1. Calleigh

    Hm… Zombies aren’t really my thing, but I’d read it because you wrote it. *grins* ❤

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