Something I’m Considering

I saw a game today that was version of Little Red Riding Hood, set post-apocalyptic.  I thought it was really, really cool.  So much so that I wanted to write some stories like that. Retell the old fairy tales with a post-apocalyptic twist.  However, I don’t want to write them if y’all aren’t interested, so I need comments on this!

Opinions?  Do you want to see these stories?  Which ones should I remake first?



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3 responses to “Something I’m Considering

  1. Quoth The Raven

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves! =D

  2. Oheina

    Doooooo iiiittttttt! That would be awesome.
    I would say to try Rapunzel, but I don’t know if that would be possible.

  3. Do it! I agree, that sounds interesting. 🙂 Hmm… I don’t really have any suggestions, though, sorry…

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