A Short Fable

A sixteen-sentence story with a moral.

One day a little Scottish girl went walking in the woods.  She was much too young to be out there on her own, and soon got lost among the trees.
As she wandered through the darkness, she heard a voice above her.  “If you are lost, you can come with me. I am going to have a warm meal, I would be delighted if you joined me.”
She looked up and saw a panther.  She wasn’t quite sure what a panther was doing it Scotland, nor how it could talk, but it seemed friendly enough, so she agreed.
When they reached the cave, she saw neither food nor a fire.  “Mr. Panther, what are you going to eat? How are you going to cook it?”
The panther’s eyes glittered.  “Oh, I am going to eat a little girl, and she is as cooked as she needs to be.”
Her eyes widened and she screamed the scream that only little girls can scream.  It pierced the dense woods, alerting her guardian, who followed the sound and rushed to her.
Taking in the situation at a glance, he drew his claymore and smote the panther where it stood.  He took the little girl home to safety, as he had done many times before.
The moral of the story is: don’t mess with little girls; they have protectors.

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