Old Stories: The Fallen Angel

Another cool old story beginning I found.

The man strode down the road, his long, confident stride covering the ground quickly, as he moved single-mindedly towards his destination. He moved without fear, for his six and a half foot frame and the hand-and-a-half sword strapped to his back deterred even the most determined of thieves. Reaching his destination, one of the more reputable bars known as the Red Lion, the fair-skinned man paused a moment before  entering.

As he entered, he felt a brief wave of disgust pass through him, although no one watching him would have known that from his expression. Briefly scanning the smoky interior, he found the one he sought and strode directly to his table. The man, remarkable from his fellows by his broad chest and shoulders and the fact that he was only partially drunk, spotted the tall figure and beckoned him over. “Ho, Tsumar!” he bellowed. “Come, drink!”

Tsumar’s face remained expressionless. “You know that I do not drink, Brundor. What news do you have?”

“Big news, Tsumar,” the big man said, his face taking an expression of seriousness that was almost comical on his broad face. “Rumors of a high-class demon, most likely a pit fiend.”

A brief flash of emotion from Tsumar, an almost imperceptible quickening of speech. “Where? When?”

“Up north, by Brunswick.”

Tsumar stood up abruptly, flipping the surprised Brundor a gold coin, almost twice the standard fee. “Thank you for you services, Brundor. If this demon truly is a pit fiend, then I might have no more need of your assistance.”

Exiting the bar, leaving a rather bemused Brundor behind him, he strode straight out of the city gates into the forest. He gave a sharp whistle, followed by a long low one, and within seconds a powerful, masculine unicorn came trotting out of the woods. “To Brunswick!” he said, springing lightly onto its back, “My vengeance is close at hand!”

“You have learned the location of Da’seth?” inquired the unicorn, looking over its shoulder as it began galloping towards Brunswick.

“Perhaps,” replied Tsumar. “I certainly know the location of a pit fiend. Even if he is not Da’seth, he will know where I can find him.”

There’s also a pseudodragon shapeshifter chick named Gypsy, who I wrote about but evidently did not save.  She’s cool. So is Tsumar.  Possibly more on them later.


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