Coming Soon

Sorry I’ve not been posting. School’s been busy. However, the results of that business (that’s busy-ness, not business like a job) should prove to be very cool.

I’ll be putting up a video of a few scenes from the Trojan War, enacted by my Mythology class and a few other people we roped in, and I’ll also put up the script, so you can see what I told the actors to do and how it actually came out.

I’m also designing a fan page for Thousand Foot Krutch for my Web Design class, and I might be able to let y’all see that, depending on how everything works. It will also have some information on the story that I’m planning/outlining/writing that was inspired by their album Phenomenon.

So, yeah. Stay tuned, wyrms.



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2 responses to “Coming Soon

  1. I can host the website for you, if you want to put it up so people can see it.

    We do have that power. 😉

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