Recovery, Part 1

They’ve escaped the slavers, but Lezvie’s badly hurt. Will his mysterious friends in the Bunker be able to save him?

Angela was able to summarize the story of her time with Lezvie in under an hour, with much of that time spent repeating herself when Jack expressed disbelief.  When she found herself repeating Lezvie’s decision to help her rescue Tabitha for the third time, her temper finally got the better of her.

“Look, I’ve told you everything, can I please go see him now?”

“It still doesn’t make sense to me.  You haven’t given him anything,” Jack gave her a once-over, as though that were inconceivable, “so why would he risk his life for you?”

“Because he’s a better man than you!”  Angela got to her feet and tried to go out the door.

Jack sprang to his feet, grabbing her arm.  “Hold on, you can’t-”

Then Angela punched him in the face.  He stumbled back in surprise, releasing her arm.  She rushed out the door, ignoring Jack’s cries for her to stop.

“Whoa, there!”  A strong pair of arms caught her, whirling her off balance and knocking her against the wall.  “You can’t go running off.  Jack’s orders.”

Angela glared at the redheaded woman holding her in place.  “Let me go to Lezvie!”

“You can’t go to him, he’s not strong enough for-”

“Not strong enough for visitors?”

Both women turned and stared at Lezvie, who stood in a doorway, leaning heavily on it.  His shirtless torso revealed a bloodstained bandage wrapped around his chest.  “I think Angela’s anger is more dangerous to me than a little early exercise, Ruth.”

Angela shook off Ruth’s grip and rushed to Lezvie, throwing her arms around him.  “Oh, you’re all right, thank God you’re all right!”

He grunted as she squeezed him.  “Easy, Angela.  It’s still fresh.”

“Sorry…”  She eased off, but didn’t let go, leaning her head against his chest.  “I was so scared, Lezvie…”

“I know, little bird.”  He wrapped his arms around her, gently stroking her hair.  “I’m all right.  We’ll all be all right now.”

Jack came out of the interrogation room, muttering and rubbing his jaw.  “Your girl packs a heck of a right hook, Lezvie.”

Lezvie grinned.  “I wouldn’t know, Jack.  What were you trying to pull that she hit you?”

“Trying to keep her away from you,” he replied, chuckling.

“That would do it.”  Lezvie ruffled Angela’s hair.  “She seems to like me for some reason.”

Angela blushed faintly and let go of him.  “Oh, I don’t know, I think I’m entitled to like the guy who’s saved my life and that of my best friend.”

“Yes, I suppose you are.”

Tabitha had followed Jack out of the room by this time, and looked at Lezvie.  “I never thanked you properly for saving me.  Especially since you almost died to do it.”

He smiled.  “It’s just a scratch.  I’ll be fine before long.”

A man in a lab coat came through another door, blinking through his thick spectacles.  “New people.  And Lezvie’s back.  Busy day, hm?”

Lezvie chuckled.  “I think introductions are in order.  Remnants, this is Angela, my traveling companion for the past several months, and Tabitha, her best friend, whom I rescued from the Crimson Talon.  Angela, Tabitha, these are the Remnants.  You’ve met Jack.  He’s the leader, and pilot, whenever they need to fly.

“The redhead is Ruth.  She’s the Remnants’ engineer and cook, the combination of which explains why her whiskey tastes the way it does.”

This got a laugh from all the Remnants, including Ruth.

“The good doctor over here is Neil.  He’s… well, the doctor, obviously.  And the one who is not here is Rodrigo, chief of security.  He was on the ship with Jack when we got picked up.”

Angela nodded.  She remembered him.

And as though his mention summoned him, Rodrigo came running into the room, skidding to a stop, out of breath.  “We’ve got company.  Not sure who it is, but they’ve got vehicles.”

“And that means they’re dangerous.”  Lezvie pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on.  “Come, we best prepare.”

Angela followed him as he moved through the halls of the bunker.  “Lezvie, you’re hurt!  You can’t fight!”

“I have to fight, Angela.  I’m here, I’m fighting.”  He opened the door to the infirmary and picked up his harness, slipping it on.

“You stupid, stubborn man…”  Angela watched him, seeing how even the small movements of dressing brought him pain.  “Let me.”  She walked around behind him and helped him fasten the straps of his harness and affix his knives.

He held still, letting her help.  “Thank you.”

She fastened the last strap, grumbling.  “I can’t believe I’m helping you go fight.”

I think you just can’t resist touching me,” Lezvie said with a cheeky grin.

Angela smacked his arm.  “Honestly, you’re impossible.”  She watched him as he walked down the hallway, still keeping one hand on the wall for balance.  “Completely impossible.  Going to get himself killed.”  She pulled the pistol from her belt and followed him.

If Lezvie insisted on protecting the Bunker, she’d be right there as well, protecting him.


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