God: The Original Author; Part One

It’s every author’s dream to write an original, best-selling story. However, I realized today that no one has ever done that. Every story ever written draws on other things.

I’m not saying they aren’t good. I’m not saying they don’t have unique aspects. I’m just saying they aren’t original. Even the most bizarre fantasy or outlandish science fiction is still based in our way of understanding things, and so we draw on things we know.

Take the Chanur saga, by C. J. Cherryh. In her books, two of the races breathe methane instead of oxygen, and their language is so different from ours that it can only be translated into a matrix of words that needs to be read up, down, sideways, and diagonal. Wow! Original, right?

No. A unique combination, but not quite original. Methane is still a gas, like oxygen, they still travel on land, and matrices are familiar to us, though using them as language is a new twist.

There has only ever been one truly original story ever written; we’re all living it right now.

In the beginning, there was nothing. No-thing. There wasn’t even emptiness, because there was no space to be empty. But in that nothingness, God is.

God, drawing on nothing but himself, created the concept, and the reality, of time. He invented time. He is (for all my Whovian friends) the first and the last and the greatest Timelord.

The He created space. Not anything in it yet, but He replaced nothingness with emptiness. Then He filled the emptiness. With a word, He invented energy. “Let there be Light.” And there was. Out of nothing, He made everything. After energy, He invented matter.

And isn’t that what every author wants to do? Create something from nothing? We can’t, of course. Our minds can’t come up with something totally different from everything that is. But we try to emulate our Author, and so we write.

Write on, wyrms.



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3 responses to “God: The Original Author; Part One

  1. I really, really like this post.

    I think it was C. S. Lewis who taught me that if I want to write a good story…I should not try and be clever or “original,” but, instead, I ought to simply try “re-telling” one of our cherished and traditional stories…in my own way. I guess he was advising us to keep it simple.

    I will tell you something I discovered about a decade ago.

    I “fell in love.” This startled me, because I thought “falling in love” was something that simply happened in people’s “fictitious narratives.” But, really–I actually fell in love with someone. It really does happen, after all!

    I hardly wrote a thing prior to falling in love, but had been an avid re-reader of certain beloved works. Years and years of reading and re-reading. But, a curious thing happened after I fell in love, and it has caused me to wonder: Did God “compose” our “reality” as an expression of love?

    I mean, I began to write…and I mean I went crazy! In short, I discovered that I was trying to express my love…and nothing in my immediate presence sufficed for expressing that love. Thus, I was forced into “creating” something “novel”…creating something that was intended to be given to the one that I loved…something that was “my expression” of love toward the person.

    I recently completed the project…although it was too late. The person I had loved recently got married and moved to another state–nearly one thousand miles away!!

    Still, I smile when I think about the project. It reminds me so much of God. I see his created universe as being His “logical discourse,” expressed to speaking/thinking creatures, such as ourselves. That discourse says so much when it says,

    “I want you.”

    God wants me? I giggle and toss a “knowing glance” heavenward! I am not in the slight embarrassed that God’s love causes me to blush and to swoon. All of this that surrounds me…the cotton wood trees… the ducklings… cumulonimbus clouds, and an atmosphere thick with the scent of God…each of the elements of the periodic table…the Calculus… metabolism and cellular respiration…even man-made stuff! All of it to convey to us that God wants us…that He loves us, and would go through hell to recover our lost honor that he might at last lift us “up hither” to have society with Him?! Wow…now, that is original! That is clever!

    Look forward to reading more posts from you,


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