A Few Things that I Just Want to Say

I had another lesson today about how the increasingly fast pace of our country is ruining us.  We went to a Chinese restaurant tonight, and it was the best Chinese food I’d had in a while. You know why?

Because they had people in the back making up the food by hand, fresh. I mean, the orange chicken had freshly grated orange zest in it. Made by hand, carefully. Not scooped out of a giant pot.

Also, a question to all the ‘gangstas’ (I might dedicate a separate post to just why I hate that name later): Why on earth do you wear your pants around your knees?

Do you think it looks good? It doesn’t. Does it… I can’t even think of another possible benefit it could have. Besides, isn’t it kinda hard to do things when you have to hold up your pants with one hand? And doesn’t it make running from the cops harder when you have to move like a penguin? Just a thought…

Yeah, I’m definitely going to do a ‘gangsta’ post later…


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One response to “A Few Things that I Just Want to Say

  1. You’ll want to research this, but it’s a funny thought:

    (Reportedly) The origin of the low-hanging pants is from prison. Like tattoos, etc., a lot of the “tough guy” image is jailhouse stuff. No surprise.

    BUT – the low hanging pants in prison was as a signal to other men that the man was, um, available, um, in that way…

    Which, if true, is pretty darn funny on all those young “toughs” running around like that…

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