A Non-Writing Related Post: God is Trustworthy

So there’s this girl I know at school. She’s had a hard life. Between substance abuse and daddy abandonment, she’s been through a lot.  She has friends that she’s known for a while, and people she hangs out with.

I’ve known her for a grand total of two weeks now. She comes to me and hands me a packet of letters for her dad. At the mildly astonished look I guess I had, she said that she needs someone to type them up, because she wants to send them to him, but doesn’t want to lose what they say, in case he destroys them and doesn’t respond. She says she needs someone she can trust, someone who won’t ask questions.

Two weeks.  Two weeks, and she trusts me more than the friends she’s had for months and years.  Explanation: I’m the only Christian friend she has, though I doubt she’s thought of it in that light. She sees God in me, poor reflection though I am.  Just something I was marveling at.

Our God is an Awesome God.



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2 responses to “A Non-Writing Related Post: God is Trustworthy

  1. Your walk is your witness, every minute of every day. I wish more people realized that.

    This is a beautiful story, and you are a beautiful reflection!

  2. Interesting, both post and comment.

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