Day Two of School

And I already hate it.  Being intelligent is usually a good thing.  Not here. Here it gets you mocked by the unintelligent and impolite, and the teachers, far from helping you, get irritated because you mention that they spelled something wrong on a worksheet.

Anyway…  My classes are, in order, with the rating of how much I like the class environment so far:

English IV, taught by Ms. Hollis-Gines, with three stars;

Mythology, taught by Ms. Schoendorf, with four stars;

Trigonometry, taught by Ms. Gillespie. She hasn’t showed up yet (family emergency), so I can’t rate it;

US History, taught by Ms. Kennedy, with three stars;

Web Design I, taught by Mr. Campbell, with four stars;

Genetics, taught by Ms. Baucum, with two stars;

US Government, taught by Ms. Roessling, with one star.

I’ll keep y’all updated in future posts.



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5 responses to “Day Two of School

  1. 4 of 7 classes got 3 or 4 stars, and one not yet rated… Isn’t “I hate it” a little harsh?

  2. A couple tips. From someone who knows what she’s talking about. 😉

    1. Never correct a teacher on anything. Just don’t.
    -last year I challenged my teacher’s evolution theories, and he hated me for the rest of the school year. (course I did get begged to join debate… but that’s not my scene. :p)

    2. Don’t be too quick to judge. There are people of substance hiding out in your school. There always are.

    3. Join theatre. Just do it. Trust me on this one. :p It’s the insta-friend maker.

    4. Be overly friendly. Why? Because frankly, you look really intimidating, and you probably scare everyone.

    5. Don’t look down on people just because they grew up public schooled. Yes. I did this too.

    6. Don’t gloat about how much better your education was up to this point.

    7. Don’t use alot of big words to impress people, because at the end of the day, nobody cares.

    8. Be yourself.



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