A Short Story From a Dream

I was discussing with one of my One Year Adventure Novel friends the inner darkness that everyone has before I went to bed last night. Last night, I had a very interesting dream, which I wrote down and now share, with her permission.

I stepped into the twilight world between waking and dreaming, feeling the cold darkness press in around me. I rebuked the shadows, and they fled from me, leaving a circle of light around me. At the fringe of this circle, a pair of red eyes gazed balefully at me. A sinister voice interrogated me. “Why are you here?”
I looked unflinchingly into those evil orbs. “You know why I’m here, Darkness.”
“You cannot have Rachel. She is mine. She always has been mine, and she always will be mine.”
“You are wrong, Darkness, as wrong as any evil creature. I have come to save Rachel, and I won’t leave without her.”
A malevolent laugh came from the inky blackness. “Save her? You won’t even be able to find her. Between her own depression and my influence, the blackness which envelopes her is impenetrable.”
“Don’t be foolish, Darkness. You know full well that the eye of the Lord can pierce even the blackness of your heart.” As I spoke, an orb of light was forming between my hands.
Darkness looked at it. “What are you doing?” His voice betrayed his nervousness.
“What I came here to do. Saving Rachel.” I flung my arms outward, crying with a loud voice, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, get thee behind me!”
With a frightful howl of pain and fury, Darkness was banished, and I perceived, by the light I had cast, a female figure, in a black dress, lying on a bed draped with black bed-curtains. I approached it, and found my way barred by a semi-opaque barrier, like solid smoke. I placed my hand on it, calling on the name of the Lord, and the barrier dissolved.
As I stepped to the side of the bed, I saw that she was as pale as death, and she was unmoving, with neither breath nor pulse.
Darkness was behind me again, and he murmured in my ear, “You see? You cannot save her. She is already dead.”
I rebuked him, saying, “She appears dead, but I say that she merely sleeps.” I took her hand and said, “In the name of the Christ, awaken and rise.”
Her eyes fluttered open as she drew in as a breath. She stood slowly, holding onto my hand for support.
Darkness growled, “You will not leave this place. I will rend your soul from your flesh, I will destroy your mind. I will not spare you the slightest suffering. I will–”
“Be silent, foul one.” I scooped Rachel into my arms, for she was still unsteady, and walked towards the portal through which I had entered.
Darkness glared after us, shaking with silent fury, but helpless to do anything, bound by the divine orders I had been allowed to give him.



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