Post-Cold War 2 Story Idea

Here’s another story idea I had.


The world has just gone through a Second Cold War, leaving the Communist Alliance –consisting of the re-formed USSR, China, and North Korea- as the world’s superpower. Very little of the world is as it was, with everything from technology from social structure suffering critical changes as a result of the new world order. One change, which was a result of both technological and social changes, was the institution of the chastity belt.

Given to young girls of rich families as soon as they hit puberty, the chastity belt was a simple-looking silver belt that delivered an intense shock to any male who touched her with improper intentions. The only way it could be deactivated and removed was with its linked key, which was given to the girl’s father.

When Catherine was given a chastity belt on her fifteenth birthday, she had no idea it would drag her into a web of intrigue that spanned several continents and involved every world superpower. Her father died, leaving her in the care of her lecherous uncle, but the key to her chastity belt, which her father had willed to her uncle, had vanished. Catherine’s worry was intensified by the fact that her uncle seemed to want it for less than honorable purposes When it shows up for auction on Ebay, Catherine becomes desperate.

She meets with her best friend, Daniel, a young man she has known from birth, and tells him if he can recover the stolen key, he can have it… and her. Better a man you know and respect than the stranger with the most money, or worse, her uncle.

Daniel’s quest to track down the key leads him into a world of conspiracies and betrayal, where friendships are tested to the utmost, and everyone you thought you could trust is your worst enemy. Can Daniel save Catherine from a life of misery and pain? Or will he fall prey to a dark fate of his own?



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